We’re making personalized financial expertise inclusive and accessible.

It’s stressful, confusing and expensive for individuals to navigate personal finances. Addition solves that.

About us

Our story

We’ve seen firsthand how managing finances adds stress to employees and distracts them from their job, their family, and their life. In fact, 49% of those who report being distracted by their personal finances spend three or more hours each week dealing with related issues. View more

We believe everyone should have access to the right resources to maximize every hard-earned dollar, decrease financial stress, and bring their best selves to work.

Our solutions are built for individuals with all levels of experience, from novice employees receiving their first equity offer letter to advanced investors who have years of experience successfully managing their money.

Who we are

Addition is a holistic financial health platform that supports employees in taking action to control their financial lives.
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We are passionate about helping individuals with their personal finances, and we are technologists and financial experts committed to making finances easier to understand so employees can make smart financial decisions.

our values

We live by our values to deliver for employers and employees


We provide accurate, unbiased insights to give the most accurate information to employees

Inclusive and accessible

We help everyone with their personal finances regardless of their net worth or financial knowledge


No two people’s financial situation are the same, and we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach


We provide clear and actionable insights while making personal finance easier to understand

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