Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion.

We are driven by our mission to make personalized financial expertise more inclusive and accessible.

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Making financial expertise inclusive and accessible

We believe that every single individual, regardless of how much money they have or how much money they make, deserves access to the tools and resources to make the most of their money.

We are extremely proud of the ways we support employees, especially those who historically have lacked access to personalized financial expertise, navigate their financial decisions with confidence. Helping support our clients with diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of the things we care most deeply about.


Diverse network of financial professionals

Our financial professionals come from a variety of backgrounds to provide unique perspectives based on their own experiences and philosophies. It’s our goal to create a relationship where employees can connect with a financial professional professionally and personally.

Inclusive for all employees

Regardless of net worth, compensation, or financial history, we are here to help all of your employees feel confident about navigating their finances. We meet them wherever they are and provide a safe, judgment free zone.

Employees can engage in the best ways for them

Different people engage in different ways, which is why we provide flexibility. Whether an employee likes to learn on their own through online courses and digital tools, or whether they prefer a one-on-one session, we enable employees to leverage Addition in the best ways for themselves.

Our diverse team at Addition Wealth

We are proud to be a female-founded company with a diverse team that brings together different perspectives. Our team members approach personal finances in unique ways, which enables us to build and deliver solutions that resonate with and positively impact employer populations.

Help your employees make the most of their money.

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